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Reiki Level II (In person)

Class Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm

Pre-requisite: Reiki I, 1 Day Class

Tuition: $225.00


Reiki Level II prepares the students to assist in relieving ailments utilizing Reiki symbols and special techniques.


Topics include:

  • A Reiki symbol discussion, explanation of symbols and benefits 

  • How to send Reiki at a distance 

  • Reiki Level II attunement 

  • How to visualize auras

  • A review of Hayashi Healing Guide and Japanese Reiki Techniques 

  • Demonstration and practice on how to utilize Dr. Usui's technique using the Three Pillars of Reiki

  • Demonstration and practice on how Reiki symbols facilitate to balance the chakras  

  • A demonstration on how to provide a complete Reiki session for self and others using Reiki symbols

  • Reiki hand positions to treat self and others

  • A Certificate of Achievement is issued after course completion

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