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"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." – Mark Twain


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My name is Jossie Angeles. I was born and raised in Hamilton Heights - New York City.  After living there for a little over 50 years, I made my way to the West Coast and moved to Southern California. I live there now with my little tribe of three beautiful children, an awesome husband, 2 stepchildren and 2 fur-babies. 

I became a Reiki Master-Teacher in 2011.  As your Reiki Master-Teacher, my intention is to share my knowledge of Reiki, support you through the process, and assist with any questions you may have so that you can become the best Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master to your clients. My intention for my clients is to align their energy centers and release any blockages so they can feel lighter, more focused, and more relaxed.

With Reiki, you treat the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, creating feelings of peace, security, and well-being. 

Connecting with yourself is huge for living a purposeful life. The longest relationship that you will ever have is with yourself. So, self-care and self-love is a must!


I love myself through Breathwork and Meditation. I am an advanced meditator using methods from Dr. Joe Dispenza, and I am a Certified Breathwork Facilitator from my mentor Jon Paul Crimi.

When things don't go as expected and life happens, or there is just baggage that is holding you back from being the best version of yourself, having Breathwork in your back pocket makes everything lighter, brighter, and calmer. Taking a breath was the very first thing we did when we came into this world, and one day we will take our last. But in the meantime, give yourself the gift of breathing on purpose with intention, and your mind, body and spirit will thank you and smile!

The Breath will shift your energy and shift your life.

In this class, my intention as your Breathwork Facilitator is to guide you and support you through this practice. My purpose is to motivate and support you in releasing any negative emotions that are holding you back. Whether it is conscious or unconscious, I will push you through the discomfort and help you come out the other side as a much lighter version of yourself. I will hold your space. I will have your back. So together, let's release anything that is not serving you, so you can start living your best life, on purpose.

I am a Certified NLP/MER and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner from Empowerment, Inc. with Dr. Matt James as my mentor and Kumu. My intention for my clients is to support them through science-based techniques and tools that will interrupt patterns and strategies that are wired in their unconscious. These techniques will remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs that can keep you stuck and not living the life that you want and deserve to live.

Life is a gift and a privilege, love yourself enough to live your best life now.

I hope to connect with you! Blessing x  Jossie

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