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Circular Breathwork is a Transformational type of Breathwork. It is a type of connected breathing that involves breathing in and out through the mouth in a circular connected conscious pattern, in other words, there is no break in between. This type of breathing works to unify the breath and create a connection between the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

It has been shown to have numerous benefits for physical and mental well-being by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

The circular pattern of breathing creates a rhythmic and circular movement of oxygen and energy throughout the body. This increased flow of oxygen and energy can help to promote physical and emotional healing by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and leading to a release of built-up tension and stress.

With Breathwork we try to take in as much oxygen as possible. It’s a deliberate and intentional practice that is used to influence your body’s chemistry and achieve certain physical benefits. To name a few benefits, you can achieve increased energy and reduced stress, as well as mental benefits such as increased focus and reduced anxiety. 


The technique I teach is known as “Circular Breathwork” (also known as Connected Breathing). It’s a specific type of Breathwork that involves breathing through the mouth in a circular pattern. 

You can read all the benefits of Breathwork, but what does this technique actually feel like? Let me give you a brief description, but it is challenging to describe the energy in the room, so you will have to experience it to find out.

The Breath is performed lying down on your back in a comfortable position. It’s best to keep your back straight so you can inhale deeply, and  do not place a pillow under your head unless you really need it. The angle can constrict your throat and make it difficult to breathe deep into your belly. 

The Breath is done through the mouth which consist of 2 breaths in and 1 breath out. The first breath goes into the belly. The second into your chest, and then you let it go and release the air without forcing it out. 

In my class there is music playing to distract you, motivate and relax you and as an aid to help you release any emotions that you have buried. I will hold space, and do my best to guide and push you so you can have an amazing experience. There are more details to the class, which you have to experience to know exactly how it plays out.

Circular breathwork is powerful and it can feel a bit challenging in the beginning. You just have to remember you are on the floor breathing, not so hard, right? There might be some resistance, but if you push through it you can have an awesome experience along with releasing unwanted, surpressed negative emotions.

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