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Breathwork is a practice you can easily do anytime you feel like you need to rebalance yourself. You don’t need to prepare a lot, but here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of each session:

Choose a quiet and comfortable room, away from kids, pets, and other distractions. This is YOU time, so make sure you create the right environment to support the experience.

Wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too tight and keep you warm. Loose-fitting clothes are the best. During Breathwork, your body temperature might change, so make sure you also keep a blanket nearby. 

Avoid heavy meals before the breathwork session. An empty stomach is even better. 

Drink water. Make sure you hydrate before your session to support the rapid breathing required in circular Breathwork. You also don’t want to interrupt your session because you feel thirsty or dehydrated. 

Come to the session with an open mind and an intention to have an awesome experience. Don’t be hard on yourself with the Breath. With practice, your technique will improve. As always, I will be there to guide and support you all the way through. 

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I want you to have an Amazing Experience!

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